Killing Monsters

Kalene's Personal Codex Entry #1

Pre-Games Solo

  • while at the School of the Griffin a mage and a boy approach the tower
  • the mage speaks to Gabriel about taking the boy, Ren, and training him at the School, the boy has magical ability but hasn’t come into the power and the mage, Lorenz, wants to turn him witcher before that happens, Gabriel says no
  • I serve the boy and the mage food and discuss with Lorenz that if I can convince Gabriel to take the boy on as a charge that Lorenz will convince Gabriel to let me out on an adventure
  • I talk to Gabriel and convince him
  • Ren undergoes the awful process of the mutations and is turned Witcher successfully
  • Lorenz talks to Gabriel and convinces him to let me help on a mission
  • we travel to Skelliga where we are to clear out an ancient building for a mage meeting, while waiting on the meeting I overhear that the town is having troubles with Giants and offer to clean up for them
  • Lorenz and I travel after the Giants, we kill two adults easily, while at the cave that the Giant live at we see they have a half Giant / half human girl hiding, after determining she isn’t a threat and that the Giants lied to her I bring her back into town
  • I return the bodies of the dead city guard, give them instructions on where to find their missing supplies and discuss the half giant with the town leader, he tells me that it is likely the child of a long dead woman, wife to Sten
  • I talk with Sten and convince him to take the girl in and what a boon she would be to him
  • Lorenz and I make our way to the building where the mage meeting will be help and encounter several undead, after a harrowing fight we’re successful and have the area cleared, we have 3 days before the rest of the mages show up and I take that time to have Lorenz teach me what he knows about potions…and the bedroom
  • mage meeting goes on, meet lots of interesting people, have fights with monsters, the second night of the meeting go to Lorenz’ room, bright flash of light and explosion, Lorez teleports me away, I land in the snow and after searching for Lorez to no avail go to help the town with monsters that are flooding out of a gate that’s opened in the sky
  • after helping the town, swim out to the boats to meet up with the townsfolk

People I Met
- Gabriel Belmont (Headmaster of the School of the Griffin)
- Ren Noctis
- Lorenz Malkoness



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