Killing Monsters

Kalene's Personal Codex Entry #2

Game #1

  • after saving the Yarl at the suggestion of Sten we get back in the boats to sail to the mainland
  • upon arriving at the mainland I see a sketchy individual standing next to another female Witcher
  • the sketchy guy, Garrick, motions me over, after a brief dialogue he leaves
  • I learn the other Witcher, Larkin, has been paid to help Lorenz once he gets to town, Larkin was told he would show up within the next 24 hours, we decide to wait it out at a tavern, have some food and get to know one another while waiting
  • we get some ale and some stew, but our dinner is interrupted by monsters
  • we go outside to fight, Larkin drops after a few rounds and I hold them off, but it’s looking grim until Sten (in bear form) busts up the Inn to get to us, he helps to fight off the monsters and gives chance when the last one flees
  • more monsters start to show up, but a huge dragon in the sky flies low and scares them off, I’m immune to fear and stand my ground, as the dragon lands it morphs into Lorenz, he looks both surprised and relieved to see me and collapses
  • the Yarl approaches us, Larkin wakes up, the Yarl says that Lorenz is to be taken to jail as he’s been charged with a crime, I attempt to find out what the charge is but the Yarl is being an ass, another Yarl shows up with his daughter and we let them take Lorenz at that point
  • the daughter then talks to us to find out who Lorenz is, I tell her he’s the king’s personal mage and that he’s innocent of the crime they’re blaming him for (the mage meeting explosion and monster free-for-all), Larkin and I give recounts of what happened to help show her Lorenz is innocent, the Yarl’s daughter says we can show up to the trial for Lorenz
  • Larkin and I set out to get some better gear, even though it’s in the middle of the night we need our gear before the trial tomorrow
  • I send a missive to the Yarl I pissed off with an apology
  • we get our gear and the blacksmith should have our swords the following day, I sleep at the blacksmith’s because I give him all my swords and refuse to leave them, Larkin comes and finds me and stays there as well
  • it appears that Larkin isn’t partial to Skelliga law and as she was paid for the job she intents to free Lorenz, I go to sleep consoling myself to the fact that since I know he’s innocent I will also, in this case, disobey the law if they convict him wrongly

People We Met
- Garrick Sinlen
- Crach an Craite
- Cerys an Craite
- Lorenz Malkoness



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