Killing Monsters

Kalene's Personal Codex Entry #3

Game 3

  • We happened upon monsters being fought by two shadow people, Nisha and Valdis
  • we helped them defeat the monsters and then skinned the monsters
  • they were leery of us, but we calmed them down and talked to them, we found out they were from the Shadow plane and needed to go back, I explained that we maybe had some people we could talk to for them and see what we could figure out, they decided they’d come with us
  • they paid us in shadow steel for our promise to help
  • we got in touch with Lorenz who said he couldn’t help but Damien could, Lorenz did a spell to get in touch with Damien
  • Damien showed up and after talking with him for a bit he agreed to help the two shadow twins, but he had a price…I had to come back to his “home” and meet his family, I interpreted this as he wanted me to feed them, I agreed doubting they’d kill me as they’d rather have a food source
  • Damien took the Shadow siblings back to the shadow plane and we had the chance to speak with the siblings for a minute, turns out they’re shadow plane royalty, we said our well wishes and let them go on their way
  • Damien returned us to our plane where I spoke with Lorenz briefly he told me to be careful with my bargain, I assume he knows what they are
  • Larkin and I agreed to go ahead and head out with Damien, no point in delaying really
  • he plane traveled via the shadow realm and took us to a supposed mythic place….inside were his “family members”, all of which were obviously vampires and I knew it wouldn’t take long before Larkin knew what they were too
  • Damien introduced us to the family and then gave us a tour of the mansion, Axton was interested in Larkin and decided to take her for a tour of the library which she seemed very interested in, I agreed because I wanted to speak with Damien alone, he didn’t seem interested in having me feed his family and I was growing suspicious as to why I was here
  • we went off, walking the halls and he revealed that I was indeed here as a potential candidate for turning, I suspected but was still surprised and honestly a little put off by the idea…I am a witcher after all, I didn’t want him to be disappointed….I was surrounded by vampires….so I offered for him to drink from me so that he would at least feel like the trip/tour wasn’t a waste of his time
  • after, we joined back up with Larkin and Axton and had dinner with the family…their dynamic was interesting to say the least
  • they announced to Larkin what they were and Axton agreed it would be interesting if Larkin was turned too, they explained what Emilia was capable of and assured us that we would still be “ourselves” even after we were turned
  • I decided to decline, at least until I could think about it, but asked for a way to get back in contact with them, Emilia gave me a sending stone to be able to speak with her
  • Larkin and I returned to the Griffin School and were greeted by Lorenz who was waiting for us, he had a detect undead spell up to see if we’d been turned
  • Larkin, Lorenz and I discussed briefly the idea of being turned because the world was in such peril that we would be more likely to be able to make a difference if we were more powerful
  • we went with Lorenz to Tameria and just arrived at the castle



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