Killing Monsters

Larkin's Personal Codex 1

  • After 2 days unconscious have woken in Skelliga a quarter mile outside of Kaer Trold (sp?), 1,000 miles from where I had been hunting.
  • I have memories of a giant rift tearing the sky open and multitudes of monsters spilling out. I should have died when the fissure opened, but was instead knocked unconscious. A strange “man” named Garrick saved me, and carried me to my current location.
  • Garrick’s presence caused my medallion to react at an uncomfortable level, he also refers to the “human world” as though it is something unrelated to himself.
  • Regardless, it appears that he did save me, he has also hired me for a job. A man will arrive here within 24 hours, his name is Lorenz, he is the head of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, I will know him when I see him, and he needs saving. Apparently that’s all that I need to know on the matter.
  • While we were discussing that, and other, matters, a Griffin arrived. Quite drenched in spite of the boat she was travelling in. Garrick beckoned her over for a brief discussion. Kalene, the Griffin, and I are both “marked” in some fashion by the fissure opening, not entirely sure what that mark entails, but whatever it is we’ll deal with it as it comes. I still think that is preferable to the alternative of us having been killed by the fissure when it opened.
  • Kalene seems to know Lorenz so we decided to await his appearance at a local Inn, she and her companions looked to be in need of some warming up and drying out in any case. Including her horse which burst through the doors of the Inn, much to the chagrin of the proprietor.
  • We had barely begun to enjoy our food and drink when the city came under attack by Frost Drake riding Einherji. Too my shame I missed most of the combat, regaining consciousness just in time to see a giant dragon scare off the remaining Einherji before landing and transforming into a man and collapsing. Lorenz certainly knows how to make an entrance.
  • Two of the four Jarl’s in town descended upon us and whisked Lorenz away, in spite of any protest we made. Arresting him for crimes that he can not possibly be responsible for. This is why I prefer jobs that take me away from civilization, I have very little patience for idiotish people, bull-headedly endeavoring to inflict their ignorant notions upon others.
  • The Jarl of Skillige left his daughter, Cerys an Craite, at the Inn with us to ply us for information so I’m hopeful that he at least will have an open mind when he and the other Jarls convene to discuss Lorenz’ “crimes”. If not, there should be some time for me to stage a rescue attempt before they carry out their sentence. If it comes to that I’m not sure if Kalene will be willing to assist me, I suppose I shall just have to wait and see.



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