Killing Monsters

Larkin's Personal Codex 2

  • Our 2nd day in Kaer Trold, we went to visit Lorenz in prison, seemed to be receiving acceptable treatment. Was also in surprisingly good spirits. Learned that he and several other sorcerers spent years closing a rift in Tymeria, most of the sorcerers perished in the endeavor.
  • If Isolde and Jaron, show up and try to burn Kaer Trold to the ground to free Lorenz, he has requested that we “please stop them”.
  • We learned that a group of scouts went missing near giant ruins to the north east of here. Something to look into after we complete our current jobs.
  • During Lorenz trial a druid named Tacitus was witness to the truth of our statements. When I relayed my theory as to the plane colliding apocalyptic cause of the fissures, no one seemed very pleased with it, but neither did they disbelieve. With both Kalene’s and my testimony to consider, Lorenz was found to be innocent and is now recuperating, a guest of the An Craites.
  • The King is allowing Kalene’s friend, Sten, to form his own clan. He has requested our assistance in doing so. We found them as they were being attacked by Frost Dragons. After the Frost Dragons were slain, Sten challenged their clan leader to a duel during which an honest to goodness Valkyrie descended from the sky to retrieve the soul of a dead barbarian. These are certainly interesting times.
  • Ronan wasn’t best pleased that we saw to Sten’s business before traveling to Rockport, but it seems getting there any sooner than we did would not have helped. We arrived there to find nothing but diseased corpses, they had been dead for a couple of days. We were able to deduce that the townsfolk had been killed by Leukodaemons.
  • After burning all of the bodies in a boat we set to sea, we tracked the surviving villagers to a cave along the coast. Convinced the villagers to return to town, hoping to lure out the Daemons as we had no other means of finding them. It worked like a charm. After a bit of a rough start, we were able to either kill or convert to our side (via the liberal use of Axii) all of Daemons. * * After recuperating outside of town, Kalene and I set the creatures we had influenced against each other. Surprisingly, a hell hound that one of the Daemon summoned had turned against it during the fight, and even now that it’s summoner is gone the hound remains. Very strange. Also, inconvenient… but worth studying I think.
  • On our return to from Rockport we came upon two Shae engaged in a pitched battle with Glabrezu. After the Valkyrie I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to encounter other creatures of legend… what incredibly interesting times. At least I shant be bored for the foreseeable future.



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