Berserker (Class)


Rumored to be decedents of powerful were monsters, the myth of the Berserker is one often told to children to scare them into doing their chores. In truth, the tradition of the Berserker is alive and well which manifests in those of a special bloodline. While the legends speak of out of control creatures that only transform back to human once they’ve sated their bloodlust, the truth of the matter is these powerful warriors exhibit as much control as the typical raging Barbarian when they fly into a rage.

Role: Berserkers are at home on the front lines wading into the carnage. While not the most clever or cunning tacticians, what they lack in intuition while raging they make up for in their ability to take damage and rip apart the opposition.

Alignment: Any nonlawful

Hit Die: d12


To qualify to become a Berserker, the character must fulfill the following criteria.

Alignment: Any nonlawful

Base Attack Bonus: +6

Special: Rage class feature

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecial
1st+1+1+0+0Rage, Bear Shape (Large), Augmented Form
2nd+2+1+1+1Rage Power
3rd+3+2+1+1Absorb Equipment
4th+4+2+1+1Rage Power
5th+5+3+2+2Bear Shape (Huge)
6th+6+3+2+2Rage Power
7th+7+4+2+2Swift Change (Swift)
8th+8+4+3+3Rage Power
9th+9+5+3+3Pure Rage
10th+10+5+3+3Rage Power, Endless Rage

Rage: A Berserker continues gaining additional rounds of Rage as though she had taken a level in the Barbarian class. Every level in Berserker grants her an additional 2 rounds of Rage.

Bear Shape (Su): Upon entering a Rage, the barbarian can choose to transform himself into a powerful bear as a standard action. The Berserker must decide to use this ability on the first turn of his Rage, otherwise he loses access to it for the duration of the Rage. Doing so confers the following benefits:

He becomes Large size, his morale bonus to Strength increases to +8 and he gains a +4 natural armor bonus. He also suffers a -2 penalty to his Dexterity while in this form. The Berserker also gains the Scent rage ability while transformed. Finally, the character gains three natural attacks: a Bite Attack (1d8 damage) and two Claw attacks (1d6 damage).

These benefits are in addition to the benefits (and set backs) when the Berserker Rages. A Berserker can choose to Rage without transforming as normal. Should the Berserker end his Rage, voluntary or otherwise, Bear Shape ends and the Berserker transforms back. This form can only remain active while the Berserker is raging but the form persists until the Berserker ends his Rage. This ability otherwise functions as per Beast Shape.

Upon reaching 5th level, the Beserker’s can choose to transform into a Huge size Bear. His morale bonus to Strength increases to +16, his morale bonus to Constitution increases to +8, and he gians a +6 Natural Armor bonus. He also suffers a -4 penalty to his Dexterity while in this form. The damage of the Berserker’s natural attacks also increases. His Bite now deals 2d6 damage and his claws deal 1d8 damage as appropriate to a creature of his size.

Augmented Form (Ex): Starting at 1st level and every level thereafter, the Berserker gains 2 evolution points to enhance his Bear Shape with. These points can be reassigned every level if the Berserker wishes. While there aren’t any Evolutions off limit, the GM has the final say on whether a particular Evolution is thematically appropriate for the character. Use the combined total of all classes that confer additional rounds of Rage to determine the Berserker’s level when meeting prerequisites for Evolutions. These otherwise function as per the Evolutions class feature of the Summoner.

Rage Power (Ex): At 2nd level, and every two levels thereafter, the Berserker gains an additional Rage power. When relevant, add the Berserker’s level to their Barbarian level to determine the benefits Rage Powers confer.

Absorb Equipment (Su): When using his Bear Shape, the Berserker’s equipment melds with his new form. While this normally complicates things for a shapechanger, the Bear Warrior can still benefit from his magical effects. The Bear Warrior still gains the armor bonus and enhancements conferred from worn armor. All worn equipment also continues to function normally.

Weapons also confer a benefit when the Berserker transforms. If the Berserker is wielding a two handed weapon when he transforms, his bite attack gains the enhancement and magical modifications of the weapon. If the character is wielding a one handed weapon, two one handed weapons, or a double weapon, the characters claws gain the benefits of the corresponding enhancements. When relevant (such as different enhancements on double weapons), the claw attack corresponding to the hand holding the item receives the enhancements for that item. Even if the Berserker has possession of enough weapons to augment all of his natural attacks, he is limited to enhancing natural attacks based off the number of weapons he could normally wield. For instance, the Berserker could benefit from one two handed weapon (augmenting his bite), OR two one handed weapons (augmenting both claws), OR one double weapon (augmenting both claws). For clarification, the Berserker must be wielding the weapons he wishes to benefit his Bear Shape when he transforms.

The fused equipment means, among other things, that the Bear Warrior can never be disarmed or have his equipment stolen while transformed.

Swift Change (Su): At 7th level, the Berserker can assume Bear Shape as a swift action on the same turn he first enters a Rage.

Pure Rage (Ex): At 9th level the Berserker becomes a master of his own Rage. While raging, the Berserker is immune to all mind-affecting effects and gains the benefit of the Die Hard feat.

Endless Rage (Ex): The apotheosis of the kindling Rage in the Berserker’s heart, this ability allows the Berserker to recover a single round of rage on any turn in which he successfully hits with a natural attack.


Berserker (Class)

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