Former High Empress for the Elven Nation of long ago, Ithashu was a devoted ruler of her people and a seer without peer. Rumored to be able to view time in totality until the end of the next age, Ithashu made a number of unusual decisions during her reign but time always proved her wise. Not known as a combatant with few offensive spells unlike the vast majority of her forebears, Ithashu rarely saw the need for such magic as no assassin ever successfully mounted an offensive against her. At the very end of her lifespan (which of course she realized was upon her), Ithashu mounted a massive campaign to one powerful arcane endeavor, the details of which were never released. Her last act was to declare the site of her own burial deep within human territory with precise instructions, calling in favors sewn a few years prior to see her will done.

Unknown to the world, Ithashu’s arcane endeavor was to preserve her spirit and she now roams the world once more in the body of a Witcher. While she wasn’t able to preserve the vast majority of her talents, her powerful spellcasting capability has endured and she guards her last descendant, the carrier of the Elder Blood, with the fleeting yet formidable power of her soul.


By using Ithasu’s spell power, the Witcher can tap into her power to augment herself into an even more formidable combatant.

Call Magic (Various SP) -- The Witcher can activate any spell from Ithasu’s spell list by paying the spell point cost, allowing her to cast any spell Ithasu knew in life.

Magic Manifest (5 + Spell SP) -- By envoking the latent magical power within Ithashu, the Witcher can summon her forth to cast a spell without requiring an action on behalf of the Witcher.

Apparition (1 SP) -- Ithasu manifests a ghostly duplicate of the Witcher, as a standard action, that can be commanded once per round as a free action to move up to the Witcher’s speed. If adjacent to the Witcher, a successful attack has a 50% chance of hitting the ghostly image instead. The image can also move opposite a target to the Witcher, allowing her to flank the creature. While the apparition has the Witcher’s AC, a single strike that deals at least 1 point of dmaage is enough to dispel it.

Spirit Council (1 SP) -- The Witcher can consult her spirit and surmise the answer to a question troubling her. This ability is activated as an immediate action allowing Ithasu to make a single mental-only skill check she is trained in. Everything she knows as a result the Witcher also knows.

Ghost Strike (3 SP) -- The ghostly image of Ithasu comes forth with a ghostly copy of the Witcher’s weapon and strikes a valid target. The Witcher makes an extra attack at her highest BAB as though she struck with her own weapon. This does not stack with other effects that grant extra attacks, such as Haste.

Spectres Riposte (3 SP) -- When a creature provokes an attack of opportunity but the Witcher has no more attacks of opportunity available, a ghostly image of Ithasu emerges to assist her. This power is activated as an immediate action in response to an action that provokes granting the Witcher another Attack of Opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Fortune’s Favor (5 SP) -- Twisting the fabric of fate, the spirit ensures the Witcher’s blade strikes true. This power is activated as an immediate action after the Witcher misses with an attack roll, allowing her to re-roll her attack roll. The Witcher must take the result. Fortune’s Favor also applies for Combat Maneuvers (as they are attacks as well).

Wraith Strike (5 SP) -- Infused with the might of her spirit, the Witcher imbues her blade with magical might. This ability is activated as a swift action and applies to the next attack made in the same round. A successful strike allows her to deal an extra die of weapon damage.

Grant Power (7 SP) -- As a standard action, the Witcher can beget Ithasu draw upon the power of the cosmos to imbue her with power. Doing so grants the Witcher one bonus Combat Feat of her choosing, which lasts for 1 minute per Hit Die the Witcher possesses.

Phantoms Wrath (7 SP) -- Summoning forth a ghostly effigy of Ithasu, the Witcher’s single melee attack applies to all creatures within range as a full round action. This power otherwise functions as per the feat Whirlwind Attack, allowing the Witcher to strike every monster in range.

Field of Blades (9 SP) -- Infusing her sword with power as a Swift action, the Witchers glowing silver tears away the souls of the monsters she plunges her blades into. This power lets the Witcher deal an extra die of weapon damage on all attacks made in the same round this ability was activated in.

Witcher’s Watchful Eye (9 SP) -- Linking her soul with another with Ithashu’s magic, the Witcher binds herself to another as a Swift action. While her charge remains within Close Range (25 ft. + 5 ft. per Hit Die), the Witcher can choose to take half the damage her charge receives, rounded down. While this commonly is used for to hit point damage, the Witcher can also choose to take half of the ability damage or even negative levels done to her charge. The Witcher is also aware of the overall health of her Charge as though she had Status activate, except she knows about how much damage her charge has suffered. Additionally, if adjacent to her charge, any attack on the charge also triggers any abilities the Witcher had as though she was the target of the attack (such as the Witcher Style feats). Note this ability only triggers abilities that allow the Witcher to respond to attacks, the Witcher does not actually suffer the attack herself.

Together As One (NEW!) (11 SP) -- The Witcher activates this power as a Swift action when standing adjacent to an ally. For one round per Hit Die of the Witcher, any creature the Witcher and ally threaten are considered flanked. Further, choose a single Teamwork Feat that become known to both the Witcher and ally. Finally, add the Witcher’s Hit Die to any Aid Another check to provide a benefit to attack or AC when adjacent to her chosen ally.

Spell Tied Souls (NEW!) (11 SP) -- Activated as a Swift action by the Witcher, this power creates an arcane link between her soul and that of an adjacent ally. Henceforth whenever the Witcher benefits from a spell, she can choose to split the duration between her and her ally so both can benefit from the spell. The Witcher must choose to split the duration of the spell immediately when affected and the ally must be adjacent to her to receive the benefit, but splitting the spell does not require an additional action.


Spells per Day – Divine (10th Lvl – CL 11th – 120 Spell Pts)
5th (2+1) - Cleanse, Commune, True Seeing
4th (3+1) - Cure Critical, Deathless, Neutralize Poison, Restoration
3rd (4) - Dispel Magic, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Disease
2nd (5) - Cure Moderate Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Shield Other, Status
1st (5) - Cure Light Wounds, Deathwatch, Endure Elements, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Evil
Orisons (4) - Create Water, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic

Spells per Day – Arcane (11th Lvl – CL 11th – 150 Spell Pts)
5th (1+1) - Telepathic Bond, Truespeak
4th (2+1) - Hypercognition, Locate Creature, Scrying
3rd (3+1) - Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Locate Weakness, Nondetection, Seek Thoughts
2nd (4+1) - Anticipate Thoughts, Obscure Object, Locate Object, Misdirection, Spider Climb
1st (5) - Alarm, Disguise Self, Expeditious Retreat, Silent Image, True Strike
Orisons (8+1) - Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost



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