Killing Monsters

Kalene's Personal Codex Entry #3
Game 3
  • We happened upon monsters being fought by two shadow people, Nisha and Valdis
  • we helped them defeat the monsters and then skinned the monsters
  • they were leery of us, but we calmed them down and talked to them, we found out they were from the Shadow plane and needed to go back, I explained that we maybe had some people we could talk to for them and see what we could figure out, they decided they’d come with us
  • they paid us in shadow steel for our promise to help
  • we got in touch with Lorenz who said he couldn’t help but Damien could, Lorenz did a spell to get in touch with Damien
  • Damien showed up and after talking with him for a bit he agreed to help the two shadow twins, but he had a price…I had to come back to his “home” and meet his family, I interpreted this as he wanted me to feed them, I agreed doubting they’d kill me as they’d rather have a food source
  • Damien took the Shadow siblings back to the shadow plane and we had the chance to speak with the siblings for a minute, turns out they’re shadow plane royalty, we said our well wishes and let them go on their way
  • Damien returned us to our plane where I spoke with Lorenz briefly he told me to be careful with my bargain, I assume he knows what they are
  • Larkin and I agreed to go ahead and head out with Damien, no point in delaying really
  • he plane traveled via the shadow realm and took us to a supposed mythic place….inside were his “family members”, all of which were obviously vampires and I knew it wouldn’t take long before Larkin knew what they were too
  • Damien introduced us to the family and then gave us a tour of the mansion, Axton was interested in Larkin and decided to take her for a tour of the library which she seemed very interested in, I agreed because I wanted to speak with Damien alone, he didn’t seem interested in having me feed his family and I was growing suspicious as to why I was here
  • we went off, walking the halls and he revealed that I was indeed here as a potential candidate for turning, I suspected but was still surprised and honestly a little put off by the idea…I am a witcher after all, I didn’t want him to be disappointed….I was surrounded by vampires….so I offered for him to drink from me so that he would at least feel like the trip/tour wasn’t a waste of his time
  • after, we joined back up with Larkin and Axton and had dinner with the family…their dynamic was interesting to say the least
  • they announced to Larkin what they were and Axton agreed it would be interesting if Larkin was turned too, they explained what Emilia was capable of and assured us that we would still be “ourselves” even after we were turned
  • I decided to decline, at least until I could think about it, but asked for a way to get back in contact with them, Emilia gave me a sending stone to be able to speak with her
  • Larkin and I returned to the Griffin School and were greeted by Lorenz who was waiting for us, he had a detect undead spell up to see if we’d been turned
  • Larkin, Lorenz and I discussed briefly the idea of being turned because the world was in such peril that we would be more likely to be able to make a difference if we were more powerful
  • we went with Lorenz to Tameria and just arrived at the castle
Larkin's Personal Codex 2
  • Our 2nd day in Kaer Trold, we went to visit Lorenz in prison, seemed to be receiving acceptable treatment. Was also in surprisingly good spirits. Learned that he and several other sorcerers spent years closing a rift in Tymeria, most of the sorcerers perished in the endeavor.
  • If Isolde and Jaron, show up and try to burn Kaer Trold to the ground to free Lorenz, he has requested that we “please stop them”.
  • We learned that a group of scouts went missing near giant ruins to the north east of here. Something to look into after we complete our current jobs.
  • During Lorenz trial a druid named Tacitus was witness to the truth of our statements. When I relayed my theory as to the plane colliding apocalyptic cause of the fissures, no one seemed very pleased with it, but neither did they disbelieve. With both Kalene’s and my testimony to consider, Lorenz was found to be innocent and is now recuperating, a guest of the An Craites.
  • The King is allowing Kalene’s friend, Sten, to form his own clan. He has requested our assistance in doing so. We found them as they were being attacked by Frost Dragons. After the Frost Dragons were slain, Sten challenged their clan leader to a duel during which an honest to goodness Valkyrie descended from the sky to retrieve the soul of a dead barbarian. These are certainly interesting times.
  • Ronan wasn’t best pleased that we saw to Sten’s business before traveling to Rockport, but it seems getting there any sooner than we did would not have helped. We arrived there to find nothing but diseased corpses, they had been dead for a couple of days. We were able to deduce that the townsfolk had been killed by Leukodaemons.
  • After burning all of the bodies in a boat we set to sea, we tracked the surviving villagers to a cave along the coast. Convinced the villagers to return to town, hoping to lure out the Daemons as we had no other means of finding them. It worked like a charm. After a bit of a rough start, we were able to either kill or convert to our side (via the liberal use of Axii) all of Daemons. * * After recuperating outside of town, Kalene and I set the creatures we had influenced against each other. Surprisingly, a hell hound that one of the Daemon summoned had turned against it during the fight, and even now that it’s summoner is gone the hound remains. Very strange. Also, inconvenient… but worth studying I think.
  • On our return to from Rockport we came upon two Shae engaged in a pitched battle with Glabrezu. After the Valkyrie I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to encounter other creatures of legend… what incredibly interesting times. At least I shant be bored for the foreseeable future.
Larkin's Personal Codex 1
  • After 2 days unconscious have woken in Skelliga a quarter mile outside of Kaer Trold (sp?), 1,000 miles from where I had been hunting.
  • I have memories of a giant rift tearing the sky open and multitudes of monsters spilling out. I should have died when the fissure opened, but was instead knocked unconscious. A strange “man” named Garrick saved me, and carried me to my current location.
  • Garrick’s presence caused my medallion to react at an uncomfortable level, he also refers to the “human world” as though it is something unrelated to himself.
  • Regardless, it appears that he did save me, he has also hired me for a job. A man will arrive here within 24 hours, his name is Lorenz, he is the head of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers, I will know him when I see him, and he needs saving. Apparently that’s all that I need to know on the matter.
  • While we were discussing that, and other, matters, a Griffin arrived. Quite drenched in spite of the boat she was travelling in. Garrick beckoned her over for a brief discussion. Kalene, the Griffin, and I are both “marked” in some fashion by the fissure opening, not entirely sure what that mark entails, but whatever it is we’ll deal with it as it comes. I still think that is preferable to the alternative of us having been killed by the fissure when it opened.
  • Kalene seems to know Lorenz so we decided to await his appearance at a local Inn, she and her companions looked to be in need of some warming up and drying out in any case. Including her horse which burst through the doors of the Inn, much to the chagrin of the proprietor.
  • We had barely begun to enjoy our food and drink when the city came under attack by Frost Drake riding Einherji. Too my shame I missed most of the combat, regaining consciousness just in time to see a giant dragon scare off the remaining Einherji before landing and transforming into a man and collapsing. Lorenz certainly knows how to make an entrance.
  • Two of the four Jarl’s in town descended upon us and whisked Lorenz away, in spite of any protest we made. Arresting him for crimes that he can not possibly be responsible for. This is why I prefer jobs that take me away from civilization, I have very little patience for idiotish people, bull-headedly endeavoring to inflict their ignorant notions upon others.
  • The Jarl of Skillige left his daughter, Cerys an Craite, at the Inn with us to ply us for information so I’m hopeful that he at least will have an open mind when he and the other Jarls convene to discuss Lorenz’ “crimes”. If not, there should be some time for me to stage a rescue attempt before they carry out their sentence. If it comes to that I’m not sure if Kalene will be willing to assist me, I suppose I shall just have to wait and see.
Kalene's Personal Codex Entry #2
Game #1
  • after saving the Yarl at the suggestion of Sten we get back in the boats to sail to the mainland
  • upon arriving at the mainland I see a sketchy individual standing next to another female Witcher
  • the sketchy guy, Garrick, motions me over, after a brief dialogue he leaves
  • I learn the other Witcher, Larkin, has been paid to help Lorenz once he gets to town, Larkin was told he would show up within the next 24 hours, we decide to wait it out at a tavern, have some food and get to know one another while waiting
  • we get some ale and some stew, but our dinner is interrupted by monsters
  • we go outside to fight, Larkin drops after a few rounds and I hold them off, but it’s looking grim until Sten (in bear form) busts up the Inn to get to us, he helps to fight off the monsters and gives chance when the last one flees
  • more monsters start to show up, but a huge dragon in the sky flies low and scares them off, I’m immune to fear and stand my ground, as the dragon lands it morphs into Lorenz, he looks both surprised and relieved to see me and collapses
  • the Yarl approaches us, Larkin wakes up, the Yarl says that Lorenz is to be taken to jail as he’s been charged with a crime, I attempt to find out what the charge is but the Yarl is being an ass, another Yarl shows up with his daughter and we let them take Lorenz at that point
  • the daughter then talks to us to find out who Lorenz is, I tell her he’s the king’s personal mage and that he’s innocent of the crime they’re blaming him for (the mage meeting explosion and monster free-for-all), Larkin and I give recounts of what happened to help show her Lorenz is innocent, the Yarl’s daughter says we can show up to the trial for Lorenz
  • Larkin and I set out to get some better gear, even though it’s in the middle of the night we need our gear before the trial tomorrow
  • I send a missive to the Yarl I pissed off with an apology
  • we get our gear and the blacksmith should have our swords the following day, I sleep at the blacksmith’s because I give him all my swords and refuse to leave them, Larkin comes and finds me and stays there as well
  • it appears that Larkin isn’t partial to Skelliga law and as she was paid for the job she intents to free Lorenz, I go to sleep consoling myself to the fact that since I know he’s innocent I will also, in this case, disobey the law if they convict him wrongly

People We Met
- Garrick Sinlen
- Crach an Craite
- Cerys an Craite
- Lorenz Malkoness

Kalene's Personal Codex Entry #1
Pre-Games Solo
  • while at the School of the Griffin a mage and a boy approach the tower
  • the mage speaks to Gabriel about taking the boy, Ren, and training him at the School, the boy has magical ability but hasn’t come into the power and the mage, Lorenz, wants to turn him witcher before that happens, Gabriel says no
  • I serve the boy and the mage food and discuss with Lorenz that if I can convince Gabriel to take the boy on as a charge that Lorenz will convince Gabriel to let me out on an adventure
  • I talk to Gabriel and convince him
  • Ren undergoes the awful process of the mutations and is turned Witcher successfully
  • Lorenz talks to Gabriel and convinces him to let me help on a mission
  • we travel to Skelliga where we are to clear out an ancient building for a mage meeting, while waiting on the meeting I overhear that the town is having troubles with Giants and offer to clean up for them
  • Lorenz and I travel after the Giants, we kill two adults easily, while at the cave that the Giant live at we see they have a half Giant / half human girl hiding, after determining she isn’t a threat and that the Giants lied to her I bring her back into town
  • I return the bodies of the dead city guard, give them instructions on where to find their missing supplies and discuss the half giant with the town leader, he tells me that it is likely the child of a long dead woman, wife to Sten
  • I talk with Sten and convince him to take the girl in and what a boon she would be to him
  • Lorenz and I make our way to the building where the mage meeting will be help and encounter several undead, after a harrowing fight we’re successful and have the area cleared, we have 3 days before the rest of the mages show up and I take that time to have Lorenz teach me what he knows about potions…and the bedroom
  • mage meeting goes on, meet lots of interesting people, have fights with monsters, the second night of the meeting go to Lorenz’ room, bright flash of light and explosion, Lorez teleports me away, I land in the snow and after searching for Lorez to no avail go to help the town with monsters that are flooding out of a gate that’s opened in the sky
  • after helping the town, swim out to the boats to meet up with the townsfolk

People I Met
- Gabriel Belmont (Headmaster of the School of the Griffin)
- Ren Noctis
- Lorenz Malkoness


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