About Witchers

What Are Witchers?

Witchers are individuals that are taken at an extremely young age and brought to one of the handful of schools that train Witchers across the globe. From there, they’re exposed to a deadly alchemical process which mutates their bodies and gives them incredible abilities. The survival rate from this procedure is extremely low and most children do not survive the procedure. If they do, they’re then trained at the school to become a monster slayer.

Witcher Training

Witchers have extensive training at their own schools which means even a Witcher freshly released into the world is already an extremely capable combatant. The training includes learning about all types of monsters that exist in the world, martial prowess, the special Signs that Witchers can use, how to use the traditional weapons of the Witcher, and more depending on which school the Witcher attends. Most Witchers are also extremely capable woodsmen and trackers, second to none in following quarries thanks to their mutated senses. A Witcher has never been trained in magic and no Sorcerer Witchers have ever existed.

Witchers in the World

While a relatively common sight in the world, Witchers are still mysterious and mostly loners. Many of the commonfolk in society fear what Witchers are capable of and reject them as mutants and outcasts, at least right up until a monsters starts plaguing their village. Even more still have no idea who or what Witchers are and believe them to be just another “freak” wondering the world over. In the world, monsters are different from humans and very dangerous which leads more than a few people to assume Witchers fit in those criteria since they are mutants. Once out on their own Witchers operate independently and are mostly free to do as they please. The only common behavior among Witchers is taking contracts on monsters for gold.


Witcher schools operate exclusively as autonomous structures and most rulers are wise enough to leave the school to their own devices as long as they don’t cause too much of a stir. Witchers are mostly respected and free to travel with little interference because of their occupation although they are expected to abide by the laws of the land while present in different domains.

Work for Witchers

Witchers prefer to almost exclusively take contracts for killing monsters since including themselves in the politics of the realm opens them up to scrutiny from the various political factions in the world. Still, Witchers are exceptionally capable combatants and it’s not uncommon for them to use their incredible talents for various jobs. Witchers very rarely align themselves with one political power which means they mostly travel taking odd jobs where they can. Still, there is no shortage of monsters in the world and the small number of Witchers scouring the woodlands means work is usually plentiful.

Witcher Personalities

Witchers undergo extreme training for both their mind and body. As a result, Witchers tend to be apathetic to the world around them. Most have seen horrors known only to peoples nightmare and witnessed more death than even a grizzled war veteran. The air of apathy also helps them maintain a neutral stance concerning the rest of the world which they often prefer to do. Among those they trust and their own, however, Witchers are rich individuals whose experiences tend to lend themselves to having layered and intricate personalities.

About Witchers

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