Alchemical Items


As most Witchers are proficient with Alchemy, it’s important to remember the alchemical items at your disposal. You can find more information on Alchemical Weapons on the PFRD.

Alchemical House Rules

  • Enhance Alchemical Item
    • Enhancing an Alchemical Item can be done multiple times (it’s stackable)
    • Each time it’s done, add +5 to the DC to Craft and increase the market value by 25%
    • Failing a Craft check ruins half the raw materials if you fail by less than 5 or all of them if you fail by 5 or more
    • An enhanced item deals double damage (additively)
      • For example, enhancing an item that deals 1d6 twice would deal 3d6 damage
      • This also applies for secondary damage effects (such as splash damage)
    • An enhanced item adds +2 to the DC to resist
    • An enhanced item doubles the duration (additively)
      • For example, an item that burns a subject for 2 rounds would burn for 6 if enhanced twice
  • Upgrading Alchemical Items
    • Use the DC of the new item and the market value of (the new item – the old item) to upgrade an item

Example Enhancement – Tangleburn Bag

Tangleburn Bags are a DC 30, 150gp alchemical item. For this example, let’s enhance it four times. First, this brings the Crafting DC up to 50 (30 + [4×5]) and the cost up to 450 (150 + [75×4]). So this would require 150gp in crafting components to make from scratch or 100gp in crafting components to upgrade a standard bag.

The modified bag would deal 5d6 fire damage (1d6 + [4×1d6]) on a direct hit. The DC of a direct hit to not catch on fire would be 36 (20 + [4×4]) to resist. If caught on fire, the target would burn for 10 rounds (2 + [2×4]) and extinguishing the flames would require a DC 41 Reflex check (25 + [4×4]). Further, the fire (standard 1d6 damage) would actually deal 5d6 damage (1d6 + [4×1d6]) each round. After the initial 10 rounds, it could then be extinguished as normal.

Alchemical Items

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