Anagathic Items


Somewhere between intelligent magic items and spellcasters familiars lie the Anagathic magic items. Anagathic Items are Chaotic Neutral sentient items which exist to aid their owners in their endeavors to the best of their ability. Unlike intelligent magic items, there is no penalty for an owner that is a different alignment than their Anagathic Item. Each Anagathic Item also has a personality which confers a unique bonus to their owner.

So What is Ownership Anyhow?
For purposes of determining who the Angathic Item considers its owner, several general guidelines apply.

First the items owner can willingly transfer ownership of the item at any time. This also applies when the owner is compelled, through either magical or mundane means, to transfer ownership of the item.

If the item is stolen, then the Angathic Item shuts down and refuses to do anything for its new owner until a number of days have passed equal to its former owners Hit Die. More advanced Anagathic Items often try to escape should their captor afford them the opportunity. After that time, the Anagathic Item will accept its new possessor as its owner and begin aiding it normally.


Anagathic items always have at least two forms: one is an item with a very unique ability while the other is an animal form which allows them to interact with the world around them. Anagathic Items can switch forms as a standard action.

While in their item form, Anagathic Items are considered possessions. When applicable, Anagthic Items have the Construct type. Anagathic items do not need to eat, breathe or sleep but can consume value items to increase their power. Anagathic Items can consume gems and jewelry, currency, magical item components, or other items of value (such as alchemical items or poisons). When they do, their tiny arcane stomachs begin breaking down the materials and transfusing their body with them to generate potent magical effects.

Anagthic Items have a basic empathic connection with their owners allowing them to sense and share basic emotions. They can also sense out to a range of 30 feet base and can make Perception checks like a normal character.

Special Powers

Anagathic Items follow similar rules to Intelligent Items when it comes to creating their own magical powers with a few exceptions. First, they can consume valuables (discussed above) and use the market value of the item to contribute to their next ability. Second, they need only consume the base crafting cost (typically half the market value) to create a single magical effect. Anagathic Items will never consume an item without their owners permission meaning the owner need not fear leaving one in a backpack around other valuables. Anagathic Items can consume items at a rate of (their owner’s Hit Dice x 200)gp per hour.

Anagathic Items can allow their owner to use their abilities as though they were a magic item or activate the abilities on their own accordingly. Anagathic Items do their best to develop their abilities based on the needs they perceive of their owner but it is possible to steer Anagathic Item development to a particular end. With the first feeding, the owner can make a Use Magic Device and a Handle Animal check with a difficulty equal to 10 + the Ego of the Anagathic Item (discussed below). If both rolls succeed, the Anagathic Item will begin developing an ability of its masters design. If not, the Anagathic Item will produce something slightly different than intended (determined by the GM) if one of the checks failed or something wildly different if both checks failed. Only the owner of the Anagathic Item can attempt these checks and they cannot receive assistance from another sentient creature.

An Anagathic Item need not consume the entire crafting cost of an ability in one sitting but it cannot begin working on another ability until its current ability is complete. If an item is consumed with a value higher than the remaining amount needed to manifest an ability, the Anagathic Item puts the difference toward its next magical ability. Unlike most magical items, additional special abilities learned by the Anagathic Item do not require a 50% cost increase, meaning the Anagathic Item must consume half the market value in materials for each and every special ability it learns.

Let’s assume you want your Anagathic Item to be able to cast Shield 3/day, which is a 1,200gp market value and that the Anagathic Item already has an Ego of 5. You succeed on a DC 15 Handle Animal and Use Magic Device check which ensures that the Anagathic Item will begin manifesting the desired ability. It needs 600gp in items. After a few days of adventuring, it is fed a Scroll of Magic Missile (Caster Level of 5). This puts it 125gp closer to its goal. The next day, it’s fed a gem worth 200gp. It now has 325gp of the 600gp it needs, putting it just over half way. Finally a week later it consumes a wand worth 275gp which puts it at the needed 600gp. It can now cast Shield at Caster Level equal to its owners Hit Die three times per day either on its own or at the command of its owner.

Brand New Items

Anagathic Items begin with the stats of a Familiar that most closely represents their non-item form, except their mental stats are always at least 10 (if the animal is lower). Like Familiars, Anagathic Items are considered to have the Hit Die and Base Attack Bonus of their owner. They also have half their Masters Hit Points and use their Masters Base Save Bonuses to determine their own Saving Throw bonuses. Anagathic Items begin with an Ego score of 0.

After finding an owner, they can consume more magic items which make them more powerful. An Anagathic Item has a Caster Level equal to the Hit Die of its owner for all special abilities. Should the Anagathic Item find itself without an owner, it loses one special ability for every month it remains owner-less (from least expensive to most expensive) then loses its own special modifications (also from least expensive to most expensive). If the Anagathic Item acquires a new owner before all of its abilities granted while under a different owner, the new owner can attempt a Handle Animal and Use Magic Device check. Use the lower of the two checks. The difficulty is 10 + the Hit Die of the previous owner. Meeting the DC preserves one special ability (most expensive first) and an additional ability is preserved for every 5 by which the new owner exceeds the difficulty.

Anagathic Special Abilities

AbilityCost (in gp)Ego Increase
1/day Spell([Spell Level x 3] – 1) x 400+1
3/day Spell([Spell Level x 3] – 1) x 1,200+2
@ Will Spell([Spell Level x 3] – 1) x 2,000+3
Ability Score Increase(New Score – Old Score) x 100+(Ability Score Modifier)
Skill Ranks1(Rank x Rank x 100)+1 per 5 Ranks
Alternate Animal/Item Form10,000+1

1Any Skill with ranks is considered a trained class skill for the Anagathic Item.

Anagathic Modifications

AbilityCost (in gp)Ego Increase
Senses (60 ft.)500+0
Senses (120 ft.)1,000+0
Read Languages1,000+1
Read Magic2,000+1
Continual magical aura2,000+1

Anagathic Items

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