Armor Runes

General Rules

Rune NameBenefitTiered RuneCost by Tier (gp)
AbsorptionDR 2/-YTier x 8,000
Agility-1 Armor Check PenaltyYTier x 500
Lightstep+1 Max DexterityYTier2 x 1,000
Protection+1 Enhancement Armor bonusYTier2 x 1,000
Strongback+4 Strength for Carrying CapacityYTier x 500

Sign Runes

Rune NameBenefitTiered RuneCost by Tier (gp)
(Sign) BaiteUse Sign UnderwaterN2,500
(Sign) Deine+1 DC to SignYTier x 1,000
(Sign) Dianadditional damage diceYTier x 2,500
(Sign) Leathnudoubles durationN2,500
(Sign) Luasuse sign as a swift actionN10,000
(Sign) Mhunluexclude targets from Signs effectsN2,500
(Sign) Raonincreases signs effectivenessN2,500
(Sign) Sruthanadditional sign effectsN2,500
Tapaidh-1 rounds until next useN5,000

Rune Descriptions

Absorption – This Rune grants the wearers armor an additional amount of Damage Reduction. While separate Runes do not stack with themselves, the DR provided by this Rune stacks with the characters existing DR (whether natural or from armor).

Agility – This Rune decreases the Armor Check Penalty of the characters armor. Agility Runes augment the characters final Armor Check Penalty, not the penalty of the piece of armor the Rune is socketed into.

Baite – This Rune allows the sign to be used underwater without penalty. The Witcher must still have one hand free to complete the somatic component of the Sign as usual but the Sign is otherwise unhindered.

Dian – This Rune allows the Witcher to add additional dice of damage to one Sign. The damage die increases by up to +5 additional dice, to a maximum number of dice equal to the Witcher’s Hit Die.

Deine – This Rune increases the DC to resist one Sign by +1 per tier. This bonus stacks with other abilities that increase the DC to resist Signs (such as Feats) but not with itself. This Rune can, however, be purchased for multiple Signs.

Leathnu – This Rune only exists for Axii, Quen and Yrden but doubles the duration of the corresponding Sign. This stacks with other abilities (such as Feats) but is additive as normal. While this Rune doesn’t stack with itself, the Rune can be socketed additional times for separate Signs.

Luas – This Rune allows the corresponding Sign to be used as a Swift action once per round. The Witcher must then wait the normal amount of time before another Sign can be used.

Mhunlu – This Rune allows the Witcher to exclude targets from the effects of the corresponding Sign. The Witcher can exclude a number of targets up to his primary ability modifier (the ability modifier used to determine the DC of his Signs).

Raon – This Rune augments Signs to grant them a wider effect but has a unique effect for each different Sign:

  • Aard – Aard now has a range of 15 ft. cone but is still centered on the Witcher. Aard becomes a ranged touch attack and is compared against the AC of all targets within range but is otherwise resisted as normal.
  • Axii – Axii affects two targets instead of just one. Each target makes an individual save as normal.
  • Igni – Igni’s range increases to a 60 ft. cone.
  • Quen – Quen can block one additional attack before it is dispelled.
  • Yrden – When casting Yrden, the Witcher lays down two sets of Runes instead of one. The second set of Runes is set where the Witcher wishes but otherwise inherits the same properties as the first set (such as damage type and trigger).

Lightstep – This Rune increases the maximum Dexterity bonus of the wearer’s armor. Lightstep Runes augment the characters final Maximum Dexterity Bonus, not the bonus of the piece of armor the Rune is socketed into.

Protection – This rune increases the overall enhancement armor bonus the wearer receives to their Armor Class. While this Rune does not stack with itself, the bonus conferred by the Rune does stack with the armors highest Enhancement Bonus.

Sruthan – This rune enhances the base effect of the sign, granting an additional effect. Sruthan effects targets that fail the base saving throw of the Sign.

  • Aard – If the target fails their saving throw, they are also knocked prone.
  • Axii – Targets successfully influenced by Axii have their Attitude increased by one level after it subsides.
  • Igni – Targets that fail to resist Axii are set on fire, suffering 2d6 fire damage each round. They can put themselves out as normal.
  • Quen – Upon casting Quen, the Witcher gains a second type of damage resistance. Quen is still dispelled as normal upon a successful attack that triggers it. Should the attack consist of both types of damage that the Witcher has specified when casting Quen augmented by this Rune, both types of damage are negated up to the normal maximum.
  • Yrden – The Witcher can apply different types of damage with Yrden, divvying up the dice of damage for a single casting of Yrden into different types of damage as desired.

Strongback – This Rune allows the wearer to calculate their carrying capacity as though their Strength was 4 higher.

Tapaidh – The Witcher reduces the time needed to cast another Sign by one round. Without any other modifiers, this becomes 1d4-1 rounds until the next Sign can be cast. This Rune applies to all Signs and stacks with other abilities (like Feats) but not with itself.

Armor Runes

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