Character Creation


Abilities – 4d6, reroll all 1s, take the highest 3 dice of the roll, make two columns to choose from
Stats are finished, both players are 46 pt buy (so much for low powered)
RaceAen Elle Elf
Classes – Any Pathfinder (note spellcasters are extremely rare in this setting)
Level – 5th Level
Starting Wealth – 10,500gp (only magic weapons, magic armor, and alchemical items [including potions] available at character creation)
If you want to set aside some money for Grafts you can, just let me know and we can build them
Ultra Points 4 / Level (see the new rules on the Ultra Points page)

Game Pitch

You two are playing Aen Elle Elves that are coming to the Witcher world from your home plane, Tir na Lia. Your characters motivations are completely up to you to decide. Maybe you’ve come to this world due to the Conunction of the Spheres to collect a host of trophies from creatures all over the multiverse that are collecting at this one place. Maybe you’re leaving in protest to the oppressive rule of the current King. Whatever your reason, your character is taking what you believe to be a one-way ticket to the new world.

Player Extras

  • Backstory
    • Character Quirks / Personality (1 UP)
    • Driving Motivations (1 UP)
    • Brief History (1 UP)
  • Picture (1 UP)


  • Low magic item game (magic weapons/armor, potions)
  • We’re going to set this game in the Witcher Universe
  • The main way to collect magic items/power will be through slaying monsters and harvesting them to create Grafts
  • The game will play like a monster hunter style game

GM Thoughts

  • Moving away from running games for Godly PCs
  • Grafts will take the place of magic items
  • Grafts will be fairly randomly determined depending on the monster, I think it’ll be interesting to play a game where you guys can adapt to drops and not the other way around
    • Putting more “stretch” on the characters will also hopefully help balance them as well

Character Creation

Killing Monsters Jonathonathon