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Bandolier of the Empty Fist

items to reference for this
Bandolier, Beneficial
Bandolier, Endless
also weapon cords
alchemy kit
alchemy crafting kit
alchemist lab

What I’d like to do:
- create a 2 lb bandolier that doesn’t change weight despite what it carries
- can hold a very large number of potion bottles due to bending of space
- the potion bottles are attached to the bandolier via a small cord (similar to weapon cords) and can be dropped as a free action once the potion is consumed, this cord will allow the wearer to, at a later time, reset the vials into the bandolier without losing any of them
- also it would have a small extradimensional pocket that would easily fit a complete alchemist kit, possibly a kit that would replenish itself every 24 hrs?

Cool magic item, but I think what you’re looking for already exists. Check these two out:

Check out the “Belt of Hidden Pouches” in the Magic Item Compendium, page 74. It allows you to store items in small pouches (that are perfect for potions) on the belt and retrieve them like a handy haversack (move action). This belt would also fit an alchemists kit. It runs for 5,000gp market value. We’ll ignore the caveat about it provoking since that’s a hold out from 3.5.

The “souped up” version of this would be a Wand Bracelet which is is Magic of Eberron, page 111. It allows you to store four items in the bracelet, during which they appear as small charms. Storing it is a move action, retrieving it is a free action. So you could “load up” your bracelet before a big fight and be ready to rock. This one is pretty expensive though, it costs 25,000gp but it’s significantly more effective.

An Alchemist kit that replenishes itself every few hours is kind of a non-issue? The alchemist kit doesn’t have anything that needs replacing. If you’re asking for an alchemist kit that automatically produces components for you to make magic items? Well that’s obviously a no since free magic items are out. Creating raw materials from spells short of using world changing magic (like Wish, a ring of which would go for about 2.5 million gold) is pretty much nixed in Pathfinder. Even spells like Major Creation have a time limit.

If you want an item that automatically retrieves the potion bottles, I’d recommend combining a Belt of Hidden Pouches and a Blinkback Belt which would automatically retrieve items taken from it the following round. All day that would cost 12,500gp (5,000gp for the Belt of Hidden Pouches, 5,000gp for the Blinkback Belt, 2,500gp for the combination cost).

Custom Magic Items Pending Approval

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