House Rules

Item House Rules

  • We’ll be using the Piecemeal Armor system with some tweaks. More or less your character has three pieces of armor (arms, torso, legs) and each piece of armor grants an armor bonus to your AC. For character creation, pick a suit of armor and enchant it as normal. As the campaign unfolds I’ll ease everyone into the system.
  • We’ll be using a socket and rune system this game, again which I’ll also ease everyone into. For character creation, assume your characters equipment has no sockets and you don’t have access to Runes.
  • Potions do not have a spell level cap and can be made from any base spell level effect. Use the same formula to derive the market value of the potion (Caster Level x Spell Level x 25).
  • Magic Item Crafting time is (Caster Level x Ability Modifier x 1,000)gp per 8 hours of work.

Character House Rules

  • Partial BAB bonuses will be used in this game. If you multiclass in two classes that grant 3/4 BAB, calculate your BAB as though you took all levels in a single 3/4 BAB class.
  • Minimum half your Hit Die in Hit Points each roll (3 for d6, 4 for d8, 5 for d10, 6 for d12).

System House Rules

  • Confirmed critical hits will be drawn from the deck as normal, but attacks will leave a scar even if healed. Players are expected to keep track of scars their character has.
  • Consuming a potion is a move action if readily available.
  • Your character can research formulas for potions at a rate of ([Craft Alchemy Ranks + Intelligence Modifier] x 100) gold piece market value per 8 hours of work. For example, a 4th Level Character with a 18 (+4) Intelligence attempting to research a formula with a market value of 100gp would only need an hour to successfully research the formula.
  • Potions and Oils have a Caster Level which determines the potency of the item. When brewed by a Witcher, however, they use the Witchers level to determine the duration.
  • Characters can voluntarily choose to not apply Spell Resistance to incoming effects they are aware of. The characters Spell Resistance always applies if the character is unaware or flat-footed against the incoming spell effect, however.

Alchemical House Rules

  • Enhance Alchemical Item
    • Enhancing an Alchemical Item can be done multiple times (it’s stackable)
    • Each time it’s done, add +5 to the DC to Craft and increase the market value by 25%
    • An enhanced item deals double damage (additively)
      • For example, enhancing an item that deals 1d6 twice would deal 3d6 damage
      • This also applies for secondary damage effects (such as splash damage)
    • An enhanced item adds +4 to the DC to resist
    • An enhanced item doubles the duration (additively)
      • For example, an item that burns a subject for 2 rounds would burn for 6 if enhanced twice
  • Upgrading Alchemical Items
    • Use the DC of the new item and the market value of (the new item – the old item) to upgrade an item

Odds and Ends House Rules

  • Ultra Points will be given for PC contributions between games. This includes adding Codex entries, filling out existing Codex entries, and other things that add value tot eh game. There is a hard cap of Ultra Points / Level but the GM will let you know if you hit it. Ultra Points will not be averaged between players, each player will earn Ultra Points based on their contributions.

House Rules

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