Piecemeal Armor


Piecemeal Armor is a pathfinder variant rule for treating pieces of armor separately. we’ll be using something similar but I’m going to streamline it.


You now wear three pieces of armor instead of just one: arms, legs, and torso. Here’s a few quick tips for the way we’re going to be using this system

  • The armor bonus from all pieces stacks
  • You get a +1 bonus to your armor bonus for wearing an entire suit of armor
  • Wearing a full suit of armor with different types of armor increases your overall Arcane Spell Failure by 5%
  • Each armor piece can be enchanted separately for the standard market values of enchanting armor
    • Keep in mind like bonuses don’t stack, so if you have an enhancement bonus on arms and legs only the highest applies
    • Also keep in mind armor needs to have a +1 enhancement bonus before it can be further enchanted with magical properties
  • Use the lowest ACP (which is the most inhibiting penalty), lowest Max Dex modifier, and lowest Speed for each “piece” of armor to determine your final ACP and Max Dex

Piecemeal Armor

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