Player Questions and Comments


  • How many sockets can each item have? Have much do sockets cost?
    > Armor: Legs and Arms can each have 2 sockets, Torso can have 4 sockets, for a total of 8 sockets available. Weapons: Light Weapons can have 2 sockets, one handed weapons can have 3 sockets, and 2-handed weapons can have 4 sockets. Each socket costs the same as masterworking the item (150 for each armor socket and 300 for each weapon socket). I’ve updated the Item Sockets. Side note, you guys won’t have any sockets on your armor at character creation.
  • Are you going to update weapon runes soon? :)
    > Most of these will probably be discovered in game, but I’ll do my best to get these updated as soon as I can.
  • Can you upgrade an item without sockets to have sockets (or more sockets) later?
    > Nope, items have to be created with sockets.
  • Are magical rings and wondrous items allowed? If wondrous items are allowed I assume our neck slot is taken and if we wanted amulet effects we’d need to craft it another way?
    > Yes and yes, you have the same number of magic item slots as a typical character in this campaign. Again make sure magic items are in feel for the world to the best of your ability. A Witcher Medallion is a slotless items, I’ve updated the page to reflect that, thanks for mentioning it.
  • Can you provide an example of potion creation? I assume since there are special rules for this we cannot use standard Pathfinder potions?
    > Standard potions are mostly fine, I want them to be developed in game so we can make sure they’re all tone appropriate. Potion creation is divided up into two segments: formula research and potion refills.

    Formula Research works just like item creation proper. Researching your own potion will cost the same amount as the market value of the potion and take time to develop. Check the House Rules section for magic item creation, but just as an example let’s say you wanted to create a potion/oil of Weapon Bane. The market value is 150 gp, so assuming your 7th level character with an Intelligence of 22 wanted to research it by hand the calculations are as follows: You can research ([7 + 6] x 100) = 1,300gp of potions in 8 hours, or about 162.5gp per hour. So to invent the aforementioned formula above, you’d need just under an hour. Developing the formula includes gathering the materials (either finding or paying for the market value in materials for the potion). So after just over an hour and 150gp worth of material your character has a potion of Weapon Bane.

    Now that the potion is made your character has it forever. With a Caster Level of 3, the oil is only good for one dose. After you use it and when you get to town, your character would need to find a bottle of alcohol that’s at least 15% (30 proof) to refill the potion. Doing so takes about a minute and then your potion is “recharged” and ready to go.
  • Are item crafting feats still allowed?
    > Since there aren’t a lot of spellcasters in the world these Feats are pretty few and far between. Human Crafters will have the Master Craftsman feat so there will be magic items but I want vendors to have a low breadth of magic item creation capability meaning you guys will have to scour the world to find craftsmen skilled enough to make the items you want and need which will be integral to the campaign. So while the answer isn’t necessarily “no”, I feel like the story would take a significant hit if you guys take these feats yourself. The idea here is that Witchers are monster slayers, not craftsmen.
  • Will you add a page to the Wiki that tabulates XP for us? It doesn’t have to be as fancy as the Exalted one, but just something that shows what we’re at now and what the next level will be. I’ll even update it if you format it how you’d like…or if you don’t care how it’s formatted I’ll make it. :)
    > Doesn’t matter to me, feel free to do whatever. If you want me to format it give a shout and I will, otherwise go nuts.
  • Where do you want us to tell you about updates we’ve done for the codex or the site for our extra fun points?
    > A separate page off your character sheet would be great.


  • The codex is neat! I like how it’s formatted.
    > =) Should be super easy for you guys to add stuff to the Codex too, feel free! I’ll probably do most of the monster entries since that requires some special formatting but if you guys want to learn I could definitely show you.

Player Questions and Comments

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