Setting Notes

Magic Items

With the exception of magical armor and weapons, magic items are off limits. Item Creation Feats also are not permitted, with the exception of Brew Potion (or similar ability) for Witchers or Huntsmen. If you want to Brew Potions but do not qualify for the Feat, you can instead take the Master Craftsmen (Craft – Alchemy) feat.


Spellcasters are also extremely rare and hard to come by. Most belong to an organization proper or are very aloof. Witchers and spellcaster are mutually exclusive terms since no magic wielders are ever accepted into Witcher schools.

Magical Healing

With the exception of Potions (which often kill when used on normal people), magical healing and magical items that are capable of healing are non existent.


Extraplanar creatures are incredibly rare and the “planes” as defined by Pathfinder don’t really exist in this world. Scholars theorize that multiple plans may exist, the theory behind the Great Cataclysm releasing monsters and magic into the world is still widely believed to have been caused by planes colliding, but proof is all but non-existent.

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Setting Notes

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