Ultra Points

4 Ultra Points per Level

Your character receives 4 Ultra Points per level to spend however you wish. As a general rule, your character cannot buy things that could not feasibly be attained at your level (such as having a BAB of +10 at 8th level). The following are what you can buy for a single Ultra Point.

Base Attack and Hit Die
For a single Ultra Point, you can “upgrade” your BAB and HD by one “step” for the level. For example, a Rogue that spent 1 UP would have a full BAB and a d10 HD. As a reminder, Half BAB is a d6 Hit Die, 3/4 BAB is a d8 Hit Die, and Full BAB is a d10 Hit Die. If you take levels in one class but only spend UPs to upgrade some of your levels, calculate your BAB and HD as though you had leveled up in separate classes. For Instance, a 6th level Rogue that spent 3 Ultra Points would have a BAB of 5 (3 Full, 3 3/4) and 3d8+3d10 Hit Die.

Save Bonuses
Add 1 to all of your Saves. This is a typeless bonus that stacks with everything. You cannot spend more points on this than your Hit Dice.

Skill Points
Gain 5 additional Skill Points and treat 3 additional Skills as Class Skills for the level.

Bonus Feat
Select any Feat for which you meet the prerequisites. You can only purchase one feat per level.

Class Feature
Choose a single Class Feature except spellcasting. Your character is considered to have a class level equal to your character level for that class feature. Each time the Class Feature gains a new ability (such as a new song to use with Bardic Music or an increase in a Favored Enemy bonus), your character must spend an additional Ultra Point to unlock that feature. You can only purchase one class feature per class per level.

Race Points
Witchers have access to powerful alchemies and mysterious mutagens used to enhance their bodies. Every Ultra Point spent grants the character 4 Race Points. You can only purchase racial features you qualify for.

Ultra Points

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