Weapon Runes

Weapon Rune Table

Rune NameBenefitTiered RuneCost by Tier (gp)
Aquaticno penalty when used underwaterN1,000
Bloodlettingdeals 2 bleeding damageN3,000
Catchtrip flying creaturesN5,000
Disarmingmove disarmed weapon 5 ft. as swiftN1,500
Lifestealingbestows negative level and temp hit points on critical hitN17,400
Poisoningweapon deals poison damage 1/dayN6,000
Quick Steeladd enhancement bonus to InitiativeN5,000
Retrievalsummon weapon to handN2,000
Ringattach ring to weaponN2,000
Subtletybonuses when dealing precision damageN20,000
Swiftincrease speed on a chargeN2,000
Twinneddual wielding uses highest attack bonusN2,000
Wingedweapons can be hurled at monstersN7,000

Weapon Rune Description

Aquatic – The Aquatic Rune allows a weapon to be used underwater without penalty.

Bloodletting – Weapons socketed with this Rune deal and additional 2 points of bleeding damage on each successful strike. Bleeding damage from this weapon stacks.

Catch – This Rune allows the weapon to be used to make a Trip attempt on creatures that use wings to fly. If the maneuver succeeds, the target is knocked prone and is Entangled. A creature tripped this way can attempt a DC 15 Fly check as Move action to negate the Entangled condition.

Disarming – When a weapon socketed with this Rune successfully disarms an opponent, the wielder can move the disarmed weapon 5 ft. in any direction as a swift action.

Lifestealing – On a successful critical hit this weapon deals one negative level. Each negative level bestowed grants the wielder 1d6 temporary hit points which last for 24 hours. One day after being struck, the creature must succeed a DC 16 Fortitude save for each negative level gained or the levels become permanent.

Poisoning – As a free action a target struck with this weapon is exposed to poison. The wielder can activate this Rune as a swift action after a successful attack but must be declared before the attack is completely resolved. The target exposed to this Rune must make a Fortitude Save (DC 14) each round for 6 rounds or suffer 1d3 Constitution damage. This Rune can be activated once per day.

Quick Steel – When a weapon socketed with this Rune is held, the wielder gains the enhancement bonus of his weapon as an enhancement bonus to his Initiative. This bonus, like the weapon bonus, is considered an enhancement bonus.

Retrieval – A weapon socketed with this Rune can be retrieved by the weapons owner as a swift action anywhere within 60 ft.

Ring – This Rune can have a single ring attached to it as a Full Round Action. Rings fit to this Rune function as though the wielder was wearing them.

Subtlety – A weapon augmented with this Rune gains additional bonuses when the wielder uses the weapon to make an attack that benefits from precision damage (such as a Rogue’s Sneak Attack). Any eligible attack gains a +4 bonus to hit and damage.

Swift – When a weapon socketed with this Rune is used to make a charge attack, the wielder gains a +10 enhancement bonus to their base speed until the end of their turn.

Twinned – Two identical Weapons both socketed with this Rune gain special benefits when used to attack. When the character makes an attack in the same round with both weapon, he rolls twice and takes the higher roll for both attack rolls. This benefit applies to every paired attack if the character can make multiple off hand attacks. For example, a character with Two-Weapon Fighting rolls once for his primary and off hand attack. A character with Improved Two-Weapon Fighting rolls twice for the first primary and off hand attack and then rolls twice again for the second primary and secondary attack.

Winged – A Winged Rune grants a weapon a range increment of 20 ft. if thrown and deals an additional 1d8 points of damage on a successful attack.

Weapon Runes

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