Witcher Feats

Witcher Feats

These feats augment abilities associated with the Witcher Template.

Advanced Healing

Prerequisites: Witcher
Benefit: Your character is able to fast heal at any time, not just while resting.
Normal: Your character only gains the benefit of fast healing while resting.

Advanced Tracking

Prerequisites: Witcher
Benefit: You suffer a -1 penalty to track by scent every month since the trail has passed.
Normal: Witchers suffer a -1 penalty to Track based on Scent for every week since a trail was made, not every day

Fast Signs

Prerequisite: Witcher, able to cast Signs as spell-like abilities
Benefit: Your character reduces the time before she can cast another sign by 1 round, effectively making the time before she can use her next sign to 1d4-1 rounds (minimum 1 round).
Normal: A Witcher must wait 1d4 rounds before using a sign again.

Tolerant Drinker

Prerequisites: Witcher
Benefit: Your character is used to ingesting potions and has developed a strong resistance to their effect. Add your Hit Dice to your Toxicity.
Normal: Your character has toxicity equal to their Constitution score.

Combat Feats

These Feats can be taken as bonus Combat Feats.

Fast Bottle Hands (Combat)

Prerequisite: Brew Potion, Dexterity 17
Benefit: Your character can drink a readied potion or apply a readied oil as a swift action.
Normal: Drinking a potion or applying an oil is a move action.

Twin Application (Combat)

Prerequisites: Brew Potion, Two Weapon Fighting
Benefit: Your character can apply one dose of oil to two weapons in a single application action.
Normal: Your character can only apply one dose of oil to one weapon.

Style Feats

These Feats are a chain of specific feats that make up a single combat style.

Witcher Swordplay Style: a style of combat taught to Witchers the world over, it specializes in dealing with high-threat opponents to keep the Witcher alive against overwhelming odds.
Feat Path: Witcher Parry, Improved Witcher Parry, Witcher Counter

Sword Parry (Combat, Style)

Prerequisites: Strength 15, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)
Benefit: When an attack overcomes your AC and you are armed with a weapon that you’re proficient with, roll a CMB check. Unlike most CMB checks, any enhancement bonus from your weapon does benefit this check. If the result equals or exceeds the target’s attack roll, you successfully Parry the attack. Apply the damage of the attack to your weapon instead of you. Note this maneuver counts as an attack of opportunity, meaning without Combat Reflexes it can only be attempted once per round.
Normal: An attack that overcomes your AC hits and deals damage.

Improved Sword Parry (Combat)

Prerequisites: Sword Parry
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Parry CMB checks. Additionally, on a successful Parry, your weapon only suffers half damage.
Normal: Your weapon suffers the full damage of an attack if you succeed on a Parry roll.

Sword Counter (Combat)

Prerequisites: Sword Parry
Benefit: If you successfully Parry an attack, you can make a single attack against your opponent. This attack is made at your highest attack bonus but suffers penalties accumulated on your last turn (such as penalties from power attack, etc).
Normal: A successful Parry does not allow you to attack your opponent, merely to avoid damage.

Alternative Counter (Combat)

Prerequisites Sword Counter
Benefit: On a successful parry, you can substitute a combat maneuver in place of the attack you would otherwise make.
Normal: If you successfully parry an attack, you make a single attack at your highest bonus against your opponent.

Witcher Feats

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