Witcher Medallion

Slot: Witcher Medallions are slotless items.

Infused with powerful magics, the Witcher mediallion is a mainstay in the arsenal of the Witcher. Treasured and coveted for the powerful items they are, most Witchers would rather lose their life than risk losing their medallion. The medallion “activates” by vibrating and skilled Witchers learn to interpret the intensity of the vibrations to determine the severity of what they encounter. There are four different intensities of Vibration: faint, moderate, strong, overwhelming.

Detect Monsters: The medallion vibrates when a monster comes within 60 ft. of the Witcher. A creature with 5 or less HD produces a faint vibration, a creature with 6-10 HD produces a moderate vibration, a creature with 11-15 produces a strong vibration, and a creature with 16 or more HD produces an overwhelming vibration.

Detect Magic: The medallion also vibrates when magic is either cast or active within 60 ft. of the Witcher. A magical effect with a Caster Level of 5 or less produces a faint vibration, an effect with a Caster Level of 6-10 produces a moderate vibration, effects with a Caster Level of 11-15 produce a strong vibration, and the most powerful magic with a Caster Level of 16 or higher produces an overwhelming vibration.

Witcher Medallion

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