Missing Prince to the Elven Kingdom and the last of the Elder Blood, Vinlae recently arrived in the Prime Material after being on the run form a Lord of Hell. Pursued by Demons, he managed to locate his father only to have their reunion cut short when a blast of powerful arcane energy meant for him struck his father instead, killing him instantly. Little did he know that his father had already had the “Law of Surprise” invoked on him and was now kin with a Witcher who just happen to be in the area.

Distraught and lost, the Witcher helped him regain his bearings and agreed to travel with him while also providing him a smokescreen against his would-be captors and someone he can count on to rebuke the armies of Hell.


Below is a list of Vinlae’s load-out and equipment. See Vinlae’s Custom Witcher Gear page for more specific items crafted for Sistine.

Worn Equipment

Armor +2 Darkleaf Leather Armor
Weapon Adaptive Composite Longbow, +1 Spiked Gauntlet
Weapon +1 Kukri

Headband Headband of Vast Intellect (+4)
Shoulders Hunter’s Cloak
Neck Necklace of Adaptation, Necklace of Proof Against Detection and Location, Periapt of Health, Amulet of Natural Armor +3
Wrists Sleeves of Many Garments, Bracers of Friendly Casting
Hand Gloves of Arrow Snaring
Belt Belt of Dexterity (+4), Belt of Hidden Pouches
Feet Tremor Boots


Potion of Friend Shielding (lasts 9 hours, caster lvl 9, 3 uses)
Banshee Bane Decotion (lasts 9 min, caster lvl 9, 1 use)



Killing Monsters Jonathonathon