Sistine Backstory


I’m going to make this shit world a better place, one coin purse at a time.


  • was found by member of the School of the Griffin on the side of a road, she had slightly pointed ears, probably a half-elf and was abandoned
    • in reality, her mother was human, her father an elf and when her mother realized her ears were pointed she chucked the baby out of a carriage window
  • the Witcher took her to his school, knowing she couldn’t be a witcher, but figured she could be a maid/housekeeper for the school, earn her food and board that way until she was old enough to care for herself
    • some of the other trainers at the school weren’t pleased as they’d have to raise her to an acceptable age before she could help out, which meant she was raised with very little human touch and care
  • she found Omen when he was a baby who had fallen out of his nest and raised him, they became very attached to one another
    • the Witcher school didn’t approve, but she hid him in the forest until he was bigger
    • when the witchers found out they tried to remove the bird and Omen actually accomplished hurting them, they were impressed and let him stay
    • they asked her why she named him Omen, at that time she was 5 years old and she told them “he fell out of his nest and now he’s big and strong…that’s what’s going to happen to me”
  • a few weeks later Sistine snuck into the alchemy lab for the school, with Omen picking the lock for her, and took the transformation mutagen on her own, the witchers found her unconscious the next morning, she was in a coma for about a week, Omen never leaving her side, and when she woke up, she told the other witchers “see I’m stronger than humans or elves because I’m both”
  • after that the witchers started her training, since she’d taken the mutagen much younger than most of the kids she should have been released sooner, but her trainers sighted her insubordination and youth as reason to keep her longer, she finally got sick of being couped up and left on her own accord, rather young, she hasn’t been back to the school yet (it’s been about a month) and she bets they’re pretty pissed she snuck off
  • her first mission outside the school was to slay a troll for a small town it was terrorizing, she accomplished this with flying colors, took her coin as reward and set out to the next town for her next score.


  • friends close to her just call her Sis (even though she kind of hates it)
  • she pierced her lip to make herself look older / more badass since she’s actually pretty young to be a witcher
  • she absolutely loves shitty tavern food and drink, hell she’ll even take payment in that form if someone can’t afford coin
  • thinks that government and royalty are pretty stupid, but also necessary, only an ideal world would recognize people for their talents, and we don’t after all, live in an ideal world
  • is always in pursuit of the next coin purse
  • will never, ever, work for free, she will always expect something for pay, even if that is a story or an impoverished mother washing/brushing her hair
  • loves playing cards, will often play Omen by the camp fire
  • has mastered braiding her hair in a way that perfectly conceals her slightly pointed ears
  • slightly cheerful and likes to joke around
  • she’s 24 years old

Sistine Backstory

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