New applications of skills detailed below.


The following are new applications of the Survival skill.

Gather Materials

Materials for mundane item construction can be foraged from the surrounding landscape, assuming the surrounding landscape has the raw materials available. The DC depends on the surrounding (typically 10 for bountiful regions, up to 25 for the harshest, most extreme environments). Multiply your Survival check by the DC of the surrounding environment. You can produce the result in copper for every day spent foraging, or the same amount in silver for each week spent foraging.

Harvest Monster

Identifying and extracting the pieces of a monster suitable for Grafts is an application of the Survival skill. The DC to recognize and harvest a monster’s magical components which can be turned into Grafts is (10 + Monster’s CR). More exotic monsters can have DCs 5 to 10 higher, representative of their unusual anatomies.

Harvesting parts from a monster takes (Monster’s Hit Dice x [Monster’s Size Modifier + 1] x 10) minutes. Any creature smaller than medium takes 1 minute per Hit Die. Further, each check produces raw materials equal to (Survival Check Result ^ 2 x Monster’s Hit Dice x 2).

Craft: Alchemy

Below is an expanded use of Craft: Alchemy which is a Trained Only application of the skill.

Create Monster Graft

Monster Grafts are the art of grafting a piece of a monsters body that contains magical potential via a special alchemical process to a Huntsmen. The piece of monster, once successfully attached, transforms to appear as though it’s a normal part of the Huntsmen’s body and leaves behind a tattoo of alchemical symbols which can be used by other Grafts to decipher the function of the tattoo.

In theory, every single part of a Huntsmen could be augmented with monster grafts. In practice, very few Huntsmen ever survive long enough to have their entire body replaced.

The base difficulty to create a Graft is 10 + Monster’s CR. The difficulty increases based on the complexity of the Graft. Failing by less than 5 means the Graft is not successfully created, but supplementing half the raw material value of the Graft with alchemical components allows for another attempt. Failing by 5 or more means the components were ruined in the attempt and the Graft cannot be re-attempted.

Monster Grafts always use the Huntsmen’s Hit Dice as the Caster Level of their effects. Each hour the Huntsmen can craft up to ([Huntsman HD x Intelligence Modifier] x 1,000)gp per 8 hours.

Abhorrent Grafts
Every now and then a Huntsmen comes across a graft from a monster that is truly alien to the human form, such as an extremity (horns, wings, tail, etc) or some other oddity. A practitioner may still attempt to graft the piece onto the Huntsmen, but the feature is easily recognizable as an unnatural modification to the Huntsman’s body.


Attach Graft

Attaching a specially prepared piece of monster that is grafted to alchemically altered people known as Huntsmen. The procedure is complicated and requires that the surgeon also be familiar with the Create Monster portion of Craft (Alchemy) requiring at least one rank in the skill, although mastery of both is not required. A brilliant surgeon could still easily perform her trade even with only a rudimentary understanding of the alchemical process.

The difficulty to attach a Monster Graft is equal to 10 + the CR of the monster the Graft was made from. Failing by less than 5 simply means the procedure fails and can be re-attempted. Failing by 5 or more causes complications which destroy the Graft. More exotic and rare monsters may increase the difficulty as their alien biology makes for a more complicated procedure.

Compound Grafts

It’s possible that two Grafts occupy the part of a Huntsmen, in which case a compound graft procedure is required. Attaching a compound Graft adds 5 to the DC of the procedure. If the procedure fails by less than 5, the Graft isn’t attached. If the surgery fails by 5 or more then both Grafts are ruined and must be amputated.


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