New applications of skills detailed below.


The following are new applications of the Survival skill.

Gather Materials

Magic is suffused in all the world, and only knowledge separates man from the magic power latent in bounty of the world. The Witcher can use the Survival skills to salvage parts for potion making. The DC depends on the surrounding (typically 10 for bountiful regions, up to 25 for the harshest, most extreme environments). Use the Craft skill to determine the value of scraps the Witcher can harvest. The check result x the DC determines the value in platinum pieces for each week devoted to gathering (or in gold pieces for each day spent).

Skin Monster

Skinning monsters is an application of the Survival skill. The DC to skin a monster is (monster’s CR x 2). Exceeding the difficulty by 5 or more results in pristine preservation of the monster components and a 5% value increase when the parts are sold to a vendor. For every 2 by which you fail the DC, the parts lose 5% of their value.


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