Vinlae's Custom Witcher Gear


Custom magic items crafted by Vinlae for Sistine.

Worn Equipment

This is equipment designed to be worn and takes up an equipment slot.

Mutagen Conversion Bracers

Slot: Gloves
Value: 2,000gp

Effect: The Witcher can spend a free action to activate these gloves. The gloves temporarily disable the Witcher’s fast healing capability, absorbing her natural healing power into the gloves. On the round when the Witcher would heal her 5th point of damage, she can instead heal 1 ability damage or remove the dazed, fatigued, or sickened condition from one creature.

Carried Equipment

This is equipment designed to be carried and is either slotless, a weapon or armor.

Hunter’s Carving Knife

Slot: Weapon (Slotless)
Value: 14,000gp

Effect: This knife can only be used by Witchers, as it requires a drop of mutagen-altered blood to activate it. One drop of blood is enough to power the knife for the next hour. The Witcher gains a +2 competence bonus to Survival when skinning a creature. Typically this is reserved for monsters, but also works against animals. Further, the knife stores the skinned creatures components within an extradimensional space in the hilt as the pieces of the monster are harvested where it remains perfectly preserved for the next two weeks. The Witcher can pop the end of the knife’s hilt off which causes all of the stored monster pieces to appear in front of the Witcher. The knife can hold roughly 12 medium sized monsters, 6 large size monsters, 3 huge size monsters, or 1 gargantuan size monster worth of parts.

Vinlae's Custom Witcher Gear

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