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Witchers are highly trained individuals that specialize in slaying the monsters of the world. Due to the powerful mutagens they’re exposed to, Witchers have exceptional abilities.

Infertile: All Witchers are infertile as a result of the alchemical concoctions they’re exposed to.

Cat Eyes: Witchers have incredible senses, necessary in the business of hunting monsters. The cat-like eyes Witchers have confer the following benefits:

  • +8 alchemical bonus on all Perception checks
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Darkvision 120 ft.
  • Scent
    Witchers suffer a -1 penalty to Track based on Scent for every week since a trail was made, not every 24 hours

Abilities: Witchers gain the following ability score increases: +6 Strength, +6 Dexterity, +6 Constitution, +4 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, +4 Charisma. These are alchemical bonuses but are considered permanent ability increases.

Signs: Witchers have the ability to use special Signs as spell like abilities at will. These spell like abilities require a simple, one-handed somatic component and are not subject to arcane spell failure. These signs can be further augmented and enhanced but every Witcher has a basic working knowledge of the five signs. Using a sign is a standard action and uses the Witcher’s Hit Die in place of a Caster Level. After using a sign, roll 1d4. The Witcher cannot use another sign until that many rounds has passed (so rolling a 1 allows the Witcher to use a Sign the following round, a 2 allows the Witcher to use a sign the round after next, and so on). The DC to resist a sign is (10 + 1/2 the Witcher’s Hit Dice + the Witcher’s highest mental attribute modifier).

For details on each sign, reference Witcher Signs.

Bonus Feats – Sign Augmentation: Every third level beginning at level 3, the Witcher can select a metamagic feat which can be applied only to signs. Instead of increasing the spell level, the Witcher adds the level increase to the number of rounds before she can cast another sign.

Accelerated Healing: Witchers gain fast healing 1 while resting which allows them to recover from even the most grievous wounds. Witchers can also heal an equal amount of Toxicity every round as well, even while not resting. Accelerated Healing does not, however, prevent particularly nasty wounds (such as critical hits) from scarring.

Resilience: Witchers are naturally resistant to Potions. Unlike most creatures, they don’t die when their Toxicity reaches zero. Instead, the Witcher gains the “sickened” condition if they take more damage than their toxicity but less than twice this value. If they take more than twice their toxicity in damage, they are nauseated instead. These conditions resolve themselves if the Witcher heals below the aforementioned thresholds. If the Witcher further passes this threshold, they start Dying. Subtract the damage the Witcher has suffered by (Toxicity x 2). The Witcher suffers this many hit points in damage per round.

0 to ToxicityNormal
-1 to -ToxicitySickened
-(Toxicity + 1) to -(Toxicity x 2)Nauseated
< (Toxicity x 2)Dying

Disease Immunity: Witchers are completely immune to disease.

Long life: While most Witchers fall to occupational hazards, Witchers are known to live for incredibly long periods of time. While some recorded Witchers have lived for several centuries, even Witchers themselves are uncertain on how long one of them could potentially live naturally.

Proficiency: All Witchers are proficient with Simple and Marital weapons and gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency with Bastard Swords and proficiency with Bombs. Further, Witchers are proficient with Light and Medium armor. Witchers do not gain proficiency with Shields.

Alchemists: Witchers are trained as competent herbalists and able to whip up quite a few different alchemical concoctions and potions. All Witchers gain the Master Craftsmen (Brew Potions) feat and always treat Craft (Alchemy) as a class skill.

Monster Training: Witchers have a special Knowledge skill called Knowledge (Monsters) which is always a class skill. Witchers can use this skill to identify any monster and recall information about the monster regardless of the creatures type. Use the Knowledge skill to determine appropriate difficulties.

Favored Class: When the Witcher takes a level in their schools favored class they pick two bonuses instead of just one (such as an extra skill point and hit point). The following are the favored class for each school:

Wolf – Ranger
Cat – Rogue
Bear – Fighter
Viper – Swashbuckler
Griffin – Slayer

Possessions: All Witchers begin play with a Witcher Medallion and typically wield two Bastard Swords. One is steel used for fighting humans, while the other is silver and used for fighting monsters. Bastard Swords are the favored weapons of Witchers since they can easily grasp the sword in only one hand to use the other for casting Signs.

Witcher Template

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