XP Tracker


SessionXP AwardedTotal XPNext LevelXP RemainingLevelMythic
Session 938,470403,475445,00041,52513thTier 4
Session 834,120365,005445,00079,99513thTier 3
Session 824,300330,885445,000114,11513thTier 3
Session 726,650306,585315,0008,41512thTier 3
Session 671,440279,935315,00035,06512thTier 2
Session 553,350208,495220,00011,50511thTier 2
Session 438,550155,145220,00064,85511thTier 2
Session 310,660116,595155,00038,40510thTier 2
Session 217,600105,935155,00049,06510thTier 1
Session 113,33588,335105,00016,6659thTier 1
Starting Character-75,000105,00030,0009thTier 1

Starting Level: Level 9 (75,000 XP – Medium Progression)

GM Notes

  • Don’t forget about your Sign Metamagic Feats! You should have 3 by now and get another one at 12th level
  • Feats for you to check out and why:
    • Heighten: Every round you tack on adds +1 to the DC
    • Empower: Adds 2 levels for 50% more dice of damage, makes for one hell of an Igni
    • Consecrate: A slightly cheaper maximize spell (+2 instead of +3) that only maximizes vs evil creatures

XP Tracker

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