Potions are alchemical items that can be made by anyone with the correct ingredients but are typically lethal to anyone other than Witchers that consume them. The rules below also apply to oils except oils don’t trigger Toxicity. Consuming a potion is a move action.


Potions in this game are often created from magical components and toxic to humans. Upon ingesting a potion, the imbiber must make a Fortitude Saving throw with a difficulty equal to the Caster Level of the potion. Humans suffer a -5 penalty to this roll.

A normal human imbibing a potion that succeeds on the saving throw is sickened. If they fail the save by less than 5, they typically develop a random derangement. Failing the save by 5 or more is lethal, killing the human in a matter of hours as the potion runs its course.

Huntsmen and Witchers handle potions differently since their bodies have been alchemically treated to withstand the effects. Upon imbibing a potion, they make a Fortitude Saving throw at no penalty. Success incurs no penalty while failure inflicts the sickened condition for one round per Caster Level of the potion. The imbiber thereafter has a penalty on Fortitude saves against Potions equal to the Cater Level of the one imbibed, but this penalty fades at 1 point per round. If the imbiber fails a save while sickened, the condition advances to Nauseated and adds the new potion’s Caster Level to the duration of the illness.

Creating Potions

Brewing a potion requires a few pieces of equipment and an open fire over which to mix vials of liquids together and brew alchemical components.

The base potion Caster Level determines the cost of components (and time required) to create the potion. Otherwise the duration and level-dependent benefits of the potion are calculated based on the Caster Level when created or refilled.

Pathfinder potion rules still apply. Potions can only be made from up to 3rd level effects and must have a target of one or more creatures or objects (spells of personal range cannot be made into potions). Your character can brew a market value of ([Hit Dice + Primary Mental Ability Modifier] x 1,000)gp per hour.

Quick and Dirty Breakdown

  • Prerequisites: Your character must possess ranks in Craft (Alchemy) [Craft Alchemy is a trained skill in this campaign]
  • Market Value: Caster Level (minimum of 3) x spell level x 50
  • Crafting Value: 1/3 Market Value
  • DC: Creating a potion requires a Craft (Alchemy) skill check, DC 10 + Caster Level.

Refilling Potions

Potions are treated as alchemical items (instead of magic items) for determining the cost to create them. Potions in this game will be one-time use items. You will not be able to refill potions, you’ll have to re-make a potion after using it.

Upgrading Potions

It is possible to upgrade potions to more potent (but similar) effects. To do so, calculate the difference in price between the upgraded and base potion and use this value to determine the material cost and time required to upgrade the potion.


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